Obey Giants Ausstellung in San Francisco

Wireds Underwire hat im Zuge einer Ausstellung in San Francisco ein nettes Portrait von Streetartist Shepard „Obey Giant“ Fairey (der übrigens ein bisschen wie Oliver Pocher aussieht... aber nur ein bisschen). So weit, so gewöhnlich. Absolut fantastisch ist dann allerdings, dass die Galerie alle Arbeiten in hochauflösenden Bildern auf ihrer Website zeigt. Normalerweise bekommt man auf den Seiten anderer Aussteller maximal drei Mini-Bildchen, hier das volle Programm. Hell, yeah!

"Street art is like the new punk rock -- it's entering the mainstream," said William Haugh, director of Juxtapoz magazine. "And Shepard is behind all that."

Marc Schiller, CEO of New York-based ElectricArtists and co-founder of the street art blog Wooster Collective, agrees. He says Fairey's DIY approach and masterful use of iconography contribute to his successes. "For many, many years the mainstream art world looked at street art as vandalism," said Schiller. "Now it's influencing the brands and the galleries. It's a natural evolution."

Although Fairey rose to fame for illicitly papering cities around the world with his signature stencils, the Los Angeles-based graphic designer says he hopes his iconic Obama posters will inspire more than just an underground revolution: He wants to infect the masses with the spirit of change. "You never know when the street art bubble is going to burst," said Fairey. "But hopefully these works have merit beyond just the hype of that scene."

Before going into production on his first Obama-inspired print, Fairey, a fan of the senator after seeing him speak in 2004, was careful to seek approval from the campaign. "I didn't want anything I did to be a liability or an unwanted endorsement," said Fairey. "We had the unofficial wink and nod to do an image."

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