Artemis Fowl-Autor Eoin Colfer wird einen offiziellen sechsten „Hitchhikers Guide“ schreiben


Artemis Fowl-Autor Eoin Colfer wird einen offiziellen sechsten und letzten Teil der Hitchhiker-Serie schreiben. Ob er dabei die Fragmente aus „Lachs im Zweifel“ benutzen wird, weiß man nicht. Ich habe Artemis Fowl nicht gelesen, aber wenn Colfer dafür 2004 den deutschen Bücherpreis gewonnen hat, wird das schon mindestens okay sein. Ich bete jedenfalls jetzt schon zum Flying Spaghettimonster, dass Colfer mit dem enormen Druck und den Erwartungen, die ein sechster und letzter „Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy“-Teil mit sich bringt, klar kommen wird. Auf der Website der BBC schreibt er über sein Hitchhiker-Fanboytum und das klingt schonmal nach der richtigen Einstellung.

Imagine if Messrs Hawking and Fry were locked in a room with the entire cast of Monty Python and forced to write a book which would subsequently be edited by Pink Floyd, then the result would need a lot of work before it could be cut from Douglas Adams' first draft. A quest?

For the next couple of decades I followed the exploits of Arthur Dent and his intergalactic troupe as they stumbled through space and time befuddled and bereft, drinking tea in the face of impossible odds and generally failing to find enlightenment at every turn. It's like a quest for the holy grail where the grail is neither holy nor grail-shaped.

I travelled with Arthur Dent as he lost his planet, learned to fly, found love, made sandwiches, got to know his daughter, found his planet again briefly and finally got blown to atoms.

Blown to atoms! Surely not, but no need to panic, Douglas Adams would surely reassemble Arthur somehow in the next book.

But as we all know, the next book never came and the legions of Hitchhiker fans were left with their hearts beating a little too quickly for all eternity.

It became a whimsy of mine to finish the story, just for my own peace of mind. I often wondered how Douglas Adams would have resurrected his beloved characters. And now, almost quarter of a century after first reading Hitchhiker, I have been given the incredible opportunity of writing the next chapter in the saga myself. In an actual book rather than in my head.

My first reaction was semi-outrage that anyone should be allowed to tamper with this incredible series.

But on reflection I realised that this is a wonderful opportunity to work with characters I have loved since childhood and give them something of my own voice while holding onto the spirit of Douglas Adams and not laying a single finger on his five books.

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