Doku: Heavy Metal Junior - A Portrait Of Pre-Teen Rebellion

„Heavy Metal Junior“ ist eine 23minütige Dokumentation über die Metal-Band „Hatred“, bestehend aus Kids, die ihren ersten Livegig vorbereitet. Ich mag vor allem die Stelle, an der sich der Sänger Songtexte ausdenkt. „How about 'Satan Rock'“ – „Yeah, I like it, uhu!“

Hatred are a heavy metal band from Scotland. And they’re all under 13 years old. This hilarious film follows ... the band as they prepare for their first ever live performance. In the weeks before their show, their bassist quits, and they have to write some original songs to perform. One of the best parts of the film was watching their manager (the drummer’s father) show them some showbiz moves of his own. Along the way, we get some insight into band dynamics that wouldn’t seem out of place in a film like This Is Spinal Tap, except with parents as stand-ins for managers and girlfriends.

Dokumentation nach dem Rock from the Fires of Satans Hell.

(Veoh Direktheavymetal, via MeFi)