Wooden Brainpuzzle

03.09.2008 Misc #Brains #Toys

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Neil Fraser hat im Januar 2008 (aaaaalt, ich weiß) aus einem MRI-Brainscan ein dreidimensionales Puzzle aus Holz gebaut. Ich muss mir auch mal so einen Brainscan anschaffen und es würde mich nicht wundert, wenn der ein hüpfendes lila Hoppelhäßchen mit Lichtschwert und Laseraugen statt Hirnhälften offenbart.

Last month I took a left-right MRI scan, reconstructed it, and rerendered top-bottom and front-back scans. It was interesting to manipulate the data and extract information which while previously present, was not previously visible.

Another method to visualize a complex 3D object is to build a model. The dimensions of the MRI data cuboid are almost exactly 3x4x5. Accordingly, I obtained 60 one-inch cubes (it's the USA, forgive the Imperial measurements), arranged them appropriately, varnished the 94 outside faces, printed nine carefully selected cross-sections and their mirror images, sliced the prints into 266 squares and glued them to the correct internal faces.

The result is quite pleasing. When fully assembled, the outside looks like an unremarkable wooden block. Of course the most fun is to scramble all 60 blocks and reassemble them like a big geeky puzzle. It takes about 20 minutes to solve.

The Wooden Brain (via Growabrain)