Interview mit Streetartist Space Invader

Der Space Invader aus Frankreich hinterlässt überall auf der Welt kleine Pixel-Aliens oder auch mal welche aus Rubiks Cubes und er dürfte neben Obey Giant und Banksy zu den bekanntesten Streetartists überhaupt gehören. Das Pingmag hat ein Interview mit ihm, darin erzählt er, dass er als Kind wirklich Space Invaders gezockt hat. Wow! Das hätte ich jetzt nicht erwartet.

We used to play a lot of video games as kids – Space Invaders by Tomohiro Nishikado included. We bet you did too…

Yes, sure. I remember that when I was a kid in France, there were Space Invaders arcade cabinets in many bars, and I used to play there with my friends. There was also the Atari 2600 home video game system with many games like Space Invaders, Defender, Asteroid or Pac-Man… That is really a part of my memory, and my visual aesthetic.

And how have you gone from the Space Invaders game to a street art concept?

That is a long story… But the main concept was that I was interested in the link between traditional mosaic tiles and digital pixels. Then, I work around the idea that I give life to digital characters by making them with real tiles. I chose the Space Invaders characters because they totally represent what I started doing: invade the planet!

Space Invader: The World Shall Be My Mosaic Tile