C65, der große Bruder des C64, der es nie zu was gebracht hat

Der C65 war das Nachfolgemodell vom Amiga, basierte aber noch auf der 64er-Technologie, nur eben mit unglaublichen 8 Megabyte RAM und mehr Farben und sowas.

Enter the Commodore 65; in many ways like a C64 that went to "11". It featured a sleek new design, two SID audio chips, a built in 3.5" floppy drive, better graphics abilities, expansion to 8 megs of RAM, and a flat bit to rest your coffee on. Some working prototypes were made in 1990-91, and when Commodore was liquidated after their bankruptcy in '94, some of these machines got out. No one knows exactly how many are out there; estimates range from 50 to several hundred.

Commodore 65: Like The C64, But It's One Louder