Die singenden Roboter aus „The Ship of Monsters“ (1960)

(Youtube Direktmexibots, via Dark Roasted Blend)

Ich liebe diese zwei Roboter, die im Duett singen, während sie am Ende des mexikanischen SciFi-Flicks „The Ship of Monsters“ mit ihrer Rakete zurück zur Venus fliegen. Die Beschreibung eines IMDB-Users fast den Schnurri-SciFi ganz gut zusammen:

The premise of the film is the old "taking Earthlings back to Venus, or a planet of your choice, to breed". Why the men of Venus can't cut the mustard is never made clear but nevertheless, it's the ever-popular Pipporo who gets the nod. He rides through the Mexican landscape warbling from the saddle while, somewhere behind a cactus, an accordion provides the back-up music. As might be expected, he is unwilling to make the trip to Venus, even though the aliens are wearing fishnet hose and reallllly high heels. So the girls unleash on mankind, some of the worst monsters conceived in film but to no avail. Pipporo 'aint leaving and in the end, the invaders are repulsed with weapons that wouldn't stop a gang of senior citizens on Valium.

This film is such fun that you have to love it. Check out the skeleton with a cow's head that keeps repeating "Ha, Ha, Ha". It's a blast!