Der gigantische, verlassene, verrottende Gulliver von Japan

Michael Johngrist hat ein kleines Foto-Essay über einen verlassenen Themenpark in Japan, in dem ein riesiger, mit Graffiti vollgesprühter Gulliver auf dem Boden vor dem höchsten japanischen Berg Fujisan rumliegt. Das ganze erinnert mich auch ein wenig an die Riesenmenschen von Ron Mueck, die sind allerdings Kunst und haben keine Graffiti auf'm Kopf.

Gulliver aside, the entire village was a sight to behold: there was a pirate ship, three distinct villages, a toboggan run, a magnificent lake, and a miniature train system, all in immaculate condition, almost untouched by the elements. Open doors revealed gift shops, still stocked with toys and trinkets, games and attractions stood as if they had been simply left a few hours before.

There's not much more to say that photos can't, except for the fact that this place was truly, truly amazing - undoubtedly a sanctuary, hidden from sight. Even Google Earth never revealed the resting place of Gulliver. And now, it no longer exists. All that remains from this proud village is a strip of a concrete that scars a hillside. And just like that, Gulliver's decade of waiting has come to an end.

Ruins of Gulliver’s Kingdom, Japan