Fotoserie aus dem Leben einer Frau mit Down-Syndrom

Auf einem Flohmarkt in London hat jemand alte Fotoalben gekauft, die das komplette leben einer Frau mit Down-Syndrom dokumentieren, in der immer gleichen Pose und in skurrilster Kleidung steht sie im Garten. Ich mag diesen Kram ja, diese klitzekleinen Ausschnitte, die sich dafür über endlos lange Zeiträume erstrecken und ein ganzes Leben wortwörtlich abbilden.

My friend James discovered these old photo albums on a market stall in East London. Each one is meticulously laid out with photographs spanning the lifetime of a woman with Down Syndrome. Her father, a keen amateur photographer, methodically shot hundreds of portraits of his daughter and wife. Evidently the family's favorite pastime was to get dressed up and pose for the camera in the garden or by the seaside. You see images of girl (who I'm guessing was born in the 60s) become a grown woman. Then you watch her condition gradually deteriorate until it cuts off sometime in the 90s. This photo-biography might sound a tad melancholy, but it's actually the opposite, in no small part thanks to her awesome wardrobe.

London - This is Janice Wilson (via Metafilter Projects)