Jesse van Dijks vertikale Stadt in Waterworld

Jesse van Dijk hat ein paar Concept Arts einer Stadt, die in einer überfluteten, postapokalyptischen Welt in einem überdimensionalen Erdloch gebaut wurde. Endlich mal was neues aus der Postapokalypsen-Welt.

I tried to envision what a huge -vertical- seaside city would look like in a world where dry land is very precious. This city would be situated on a huge pillar in a 'cavity' in the sea; possibly an inactive volcano crater of some sorts. I assumed a level of technology of western European countries around the seventeenth century. Naturally I had to take some huge liberties with the actual mechanical possibilities of these constraints to make a city in a hole in the sea work, not to mention a vertical city.

Project Indigo: Design of a vertical seaside metropolis (via IZ Reloaded)