Death Star over San Francisco

Michael Horn hat dieses kurze Video produziert, in dem er Wackelcam-Aufnahmen von San Francisco mit Star Wars-Vehikeln masht. Das ist praktisch die Cloverfield-Variante von Cedric Delsaux Real Life Star Wars-Fotografie. Ich mochte vor allem den untergehenden Todesstern über den Straßen von San Francisco. Und jaaaa, ich weiß. So schnell kann das gehen, außerdem ist das ja Kram aus Episode 4 bis 6.

Beim Star Wars-Blog gibt's noch ein kurzes Interview mit Michael Horn.

Why did you decide to make a short film of Star Wars vehicles and ships co-existing with the citizens of San Francisco?
I was raised on Star Wars and really love the aesthetics of the Imperial ships and vehicles. I wanted to see what it would look like if our Moon was actually the Death Star, so I took it from there.

What gear did you use to make the film?
I shot everything on my junkie DV camera, did motion-tracking and comping in After Effects, and basic sound design in Final Cut.

Which scene was the hardest to make look realistic?
The shot of the Imperial shuttle landing on the rooftop. It was hard to match the camera’s movement and zoom.

Which scene is your favorite?
The very last shot with the parrots of Telegraph Hill sitting on the tree branch with the fog and Death Star behind them.