Zevs Visual Kidnapping und Crime Art

Zevs Liquid Logos hatte ich schonmal im Dezember 2007. Das Pingmag hat jetzt ein Interview mit Zevs über Crime Art und Visual Kidnapping geführt.

You coined the term visual kidnapping. What does that mean?

Visual kidnapping is like entering an interactive game: If the brand on the billboard kidnaps the attention of the public with the purpose of consumer demand, I reverse the situation and I kidnap the model on the poster and I demand a ransom of 500,000€ from the brand. This sum represents the symbolic price of an advertising campaign for the brand.

There must be a story to it…

A night of the summer of 2001, during an exhibition about Hitchcock and art, I made a visual attack on the huge Hitchcock poster that was on the front of the building.

I climbed the facade from the backside and cut a little hole with my scalpel in the face of Alfred Hitchcock to make a flow of red ink. The guards surprised me and I fled at full speed by the fire escape. Fortunately, my friend the artist André was waiting below with his scooter. The Pompidou Art Centre was the only establishment to keep a “visual attack” that I had done; they kept it up for the duration of the Hitchcock exhibit.

ZEVS: Visual Kidnapping (via Killefit)