Atariology – Endlich eine Religion, der ich uneingeschränkt zustimmen kann

Aaaaaw! Eine Religion, die davon ausgeht, dass das ganze Leben ein einziges Videospiel ist? Count me in! Und die zehn Gründe, warum das Leben tatsächlich ein Videospiel sein könnte, lesen sich erstaunlich plausibel, im Gegensatz zu den Hirngespinsten, die andere Religionen so verbreiten.

  1. Ghosts could just be buggy video-game characters.
  2. Some videogames allow certain cheats or cheat codes. this could explain the possible existence of magic or miracles.
  3. The big bang is just like turning on the tv.
  4. Sleep is just like pausing the game, or loading the next level.
  5. The trend of video-games is to attempt to model reality as closely as possible. therefore in the future there might be a video-game which replicates reality to the point that no single person could recognize the difference between the video-game and reality.
  6. De-ja vu exists because if reality is a video-game then maybe you have played this game before.
  7. In games like 'pacman' and 'sonic the hedgehog', you are rewarded for eating and collecting things.
  8. All video-games have an objective, or purpose. the purpose of life is to figure out what the purpose of life is.
  9. The people you meet in life might be other players, such as yourself, or artificial characters created by the video-game.
  10. There is always a better player than you.

Atariology (via Gizmodo)