New York Boombox BMX

Letztes Jahr kamen ein paar Jungs aus Queens, New York, auf die Idee, ihre BMX-Bikes mit richtig großen Boxen zu pimpen und so die größten rollenden Ghettoblaster ever herzustellen (vorher auf Nerdcore). Und die haben jetzt einen eigenen Kurzfilm, den sich Creative Review schonmal angesehen hat. Dort gibt's auch noch einen Trailer ohne Sound (warum auch immer).

Made In Queens is a short film that lifts the lid on an underground scene emerging in the outskirts of New York’s Queens borough. Directed by Nicolas Randall and Joe Stevens, the film looks at a small crew of Trinida­dian teenagers, led by Nick Ragbir, who are obsessed with customising their bmx bikes with the fattest soundsystems they can possibly hook them up with.

“In this age of obsessive video sharing and social networking, nearly every action is designed and packaged for public consumption. Especially with young people,” says co-director Joe Stevens. “The immed­iate charm of Nick and his crew is that they’re the exact opposite of all that. There is nothing calculated or self-conscious about who they are. They’re just a group of friends doing some­thing to challenge themselves and have some laughs. It’s a story which would have never come from kids who were born here.”