Zombies, die Splatter-Haikus vorlesen

Diese Zombies lesen blutige Splatter-Haikus von einem Zettel vor und spielen Saxophon, während im Hintergrund die Zombie-Apokalypse stattfindet. Das ganze ist zwar nur Promo für das Buch „Zombie Haiku: Good Poetry for Your Brains“, der Dawn of the Dead war allerdings noch nie so stilvoll, wie hier.

Perfect for zombiephiles, video game addicts and horror movie fanatics, "Zombie Haiku" is the touching story of a zombie's gradual decay told through the intimate poetry of haiku.From infection to demise, readers will accompany the narrator on a zen journey through deserted streets and barracaded doors for every eye-popping, gut-wrenching, flesh-eating moment right up to the inevitable bullet to the brain.The book is illustrated with over 50 photos from the zombie's point of view and designed with extra blood, guts, gore and pus!

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