Ren & Stimpy Production Music

From the moment I experienced my very first brilliantly stupendous episode of the Ren & Stimpy show my brain has ruminated on how to get my hands on that wonderful vintage "incidental music" that sets the tone for their zany, wacky, madcap antics. Eventually the internet taught me that the music of Ren & Stimpy comes from all over the place. Some was written for the show, some are well known classical pieces, and there are quite a few works by Raymond Scott. For me, the most elusive stuff has always been the authentic "production music" from the 1950s.

A couple months ago I discovered that some dear soul (or souls) had assembled a massive collection of these aural delights, and made them available on a torrent site. It was as though the Gilded Yak had answered all of my letters at once! And you guessed it, I'm making this marvelous collection of classics available to you, the valued internet user.