Zombie Puppen singen „Dust in the Wind“ von Kansas

23.07.2008 Misc Music #Zombies

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(Youtube Direktkansas, via BoingBoing)

Matt macht Horror-Puppenfilme und sein neuester ist ein Zombie-Chor, der „Dust in the Wind“ von Kansas singt. Dust in the Wind... all we are is Dust in the Wind.

After many busy months and projects that have eaten up any free time I've had to work on this project.... FINALLY , the latest CREEPY PUPPET PROJECT is done!! This is a musical tribute to a great song by Kansas.

The whole idea came to pass when I had completed building my first ¼ scale zombie puppet (named Val after being created on Valentine's day). As I put him in my car to take him to my studio, I flicked on the radio and "Dust in the Wind" was playing... and, well, I just had to do this crazy idea.

With the fantastic help of a wonderful volounteer crew, including some great puppetry talent from Fraggle Rock days (Mike Petersen)... the third installment of the Creepy Puppet Project was brought to life.. or "unlife" as it was.