Dan Nelsons Buch aller bekannten Metal-Band-Namen

Dieses Buch von Dan Nelson listet 50.000 Namen von Metal-Bands auf, was ein ziemlicher Lesespaß sein dürfte. Alleine die Vorstellung, Zeilen wie „Tsatthoggua Lucifugum Crimson Moonlight Mezzerschmitt Black Messiah Warlock“ zu lesen, lässt mich schon unkontrolliert vor mich hin giggeln. Ich habe zwar die Befürchtung, Dan Nelson hat sich dabei ausgiebig von dieser Wikipedia-Liste inspirieren lassen, aber wer weiß.

This volume contains the names of over fifty thousand metal bands. If one presumes that each of these bands had an average of four members, and multiplies that by the bands, one might figure that at least a quarter of a million humans have pledged allegiance to one of these groups of wandering beasts. Never has a music relegated to the underground of a civilization had so many devotees; no radio need transmit the power of this music, for it is sought fiercely and freely by the doomed and the dispossessed, whose ears are never touched by songs of love and weakness.

These names are invisible tokens to be spoken aloud, each representing a human quest for superhuman spectacle: shaking floorboards and quivering walls, split ears leaking blood, with faces painted and ornaments pointy, voices uttering eternal truths shunned by woman and man alike. (McSweeneys Store, via Macelodeon)

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