6 Batman Comics That Star ‘The Dark Knight’ Villains — The Joker and Two-Face

My anticipation for The Dark Knight has been pretty high all summer, and as it reaches its high point this week, I went back and read some old Batman tales, and picked up a few new ones.

Of course, DC has (re)released a wide variety of trades, hardcovers, and single issues over the last few months to coincide with the movie’s release, and most of these have focused on the main villain of the film, the Joker, and also the film’s second villain, Two-Face.

Here’s a close look at six Batman trade collections that deal in particular with The Joker and/or Harvey Dent/Two-Face, some of which were already in my collection and others I’ve checked out for the first time. I’ve also included some other Joker/Two-Face Batman suggested reading.