Summer Of Love Mashup-Album

Die WHA!? Studios haben ein Mashup-Album produziert, um 20 Jahre Summer of Love 1988 zu zelebrieren und haben dazu Songs aus dem ersten Summer of Love 1968 mit Acid- und Rave-Klassikern gemasht.

The Summer of Love 2008 compilation is our tribute to the second Summer of Love, the acid house and rave culture which started 20 years ago in the UK. It was just as important as the first Summer of Love in the late 60’s. So we took songs from the Flower Power era and we took songs from the Acid House Revolution and mashed them together.
The Summer of Love 2008 is a 7 track mini album featuring brand new and previously unreleased mixes by Apollo Zero, Bobby Martini, dj lobsterdust, Flying White Dots, Phil RetroSpector, Simon Iddol and World Famous Audio Hacker.


Each artist from the album has designed a VW bus and you can find them in a handy print ready booklet feature in the zip file. Print them all and set up your very own Caravan of Love!
There is a blank sablon in the pdf booklet, so you can design your own bus! Send us your creations and we will post them in the Caravan of Love Gallery @ the WHA!? site.

01 Step Together // Phil RetroSpector
Happy Mondays VS the Beatles
02 Pinball Wizard in the Drivers Seat // Apollo Zero
Dogtooth VS Who VS Cook's County
03 Black Acieed // dj lobsterdust
Ram Jam VS D-Mob
04 What's That Sound? // World Famous Audio Hacker
Buffalo Springfield VS 808 State VS Deee-Lite VS Prince VS Duran Duran
05 Here Comes The Sunscreem // Bobby Martini
Sunscreem VS the Beatles
06 Land Of Oz (Summer of Love Mix) // Flying White Dots
Manuel Gottsching VS Latino VS Grace Jones VS Pink Floyd VS The Orb VS Opus 3 VS Bjork VS Masters At Work VS The KLF
07 diamond pressure // Simon Iddol
Richard Wahnfreid feat. Klaus Shultze, Manuel Gottsching, Mike Shrieve and Karl Wahnfried VS Little Louie Vega with Jay 'Sinister' Sealee and Julie McKnight

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