Der Mutanten-Octopus mit 85 Tentakeln

Das Toba Aquarium in Japan hat ein paar mutierte Octopi, dieser hier hat 85 Arme und ich behaupte, das ist tatsächlich Cthulhu, der den Wahnsinn unter den Japanern sät. Cthulhu ist also verantwortlich für's japanische Fernsehen und Cosplay.

The Toba Aquarium in the nearby town of Toba also has a few extraordinary octopus specimens, although they no longer appear to be on permanent display. Every now and then, though, the aquarium pulls them out of storage for the world to see.

Their most well-known specimen is an 85-tentacled Common Octopus captured in 1957 at nearby Toshijima island. This remarkable creature — which, like the Shima Marineland octopus, has 8 main arms that branch out to form scores of tentacles — made quite a stir when it first went on display at Toba Aquarium a half-century ago. A few years later, the specimen was loaned to the National Museum of Nature and Science in Tokyo, where it famously caught the attention of the Showa Emperor.

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