Banksy unmasked, is Harry Potter actually

Die Daily Mail hat die Story zu einem Foto recherchiert, das vor vier Jahren geschossen wurde und angeblich Banksy bei der Arbeit zeigen soll. Dieser hat das natürlich immer bestritten, allerdings deckt sich der Lebenslauf des abgebildeten Robin Gunningham in extrem vielen Details mit dem von Banksy. Außerdem verschwand Gunningham spurlos mit dem Auftauchen von Banksy. Und noch dazu sah er in der Schule aus wie Harry Potter, dann muss es ja stimmen.

By 1998 Robin Gunningham was living in Easton, Bristol, with Luke Egan, who went on to exhibit with Banksy at Santa's Ghetto, an art store which launched at Christmas 2001 in London's West End.

However, when we approached him, Egan initially denied knowing and living with either Banksy or Robin Gunningham, even though he had exhibited with the former and the electoral roll had showed him living with the latter. He eventually said: 'I lived with a guy, with Robin Gunningham. But ... '

'But you're saying he wasn't Banksy?'

'Well, he wasn't then. I lived with him ages ago. I don't think Banksy was around then anyway.'

Egan and Gunningham are believed to have left the house when the owner wanted to sell it.

Camilla Stacey, a curator at Bristol's Here Gallery who bought the property in 2000, said that Banksy and Robin Gunningham are one and the same person. She knew the house had been inhabited by Banksy because of the artwork left there - and she used to get post for him in the name of Robin Gunningham.

'I bought the house that he used to live in,' she told us. 'He had rented out a room but I think there had been problems with the tenants and the landlord had to sort of repossess it or whatever, so he was just selling it.

'When I moved in, the place had been covered in graffiti and stuff like that. I threw things in the bin.

'At that point Banksy was just someone putting up stuff around Bristol. He was just another artist who had graffitied around Bristol. It keeps me awake at night sometimes thinking about it.'

Indeed, who wouldn't regret throwing out work that would now probably fetch tens of thousands?

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