Universe Sandbox – Wie Spore für Galaxien

(Youtube Direktuniverse)

Universe Sandbox ist ein Space Simulator, in dem man eigene Galaxien bauen kann, die man dann wieder mit einem schwarzen Loch zerstört.

Smash planets together, introduce rogue stars, and build new worlds from spinning discs of debris. Fire a moon into a planet or destroy everything you've created with a super massive black hole.

You can simulate and interact with:
• Our solar system: the 8 planets,160+ moons, and hundereds of asteroids
• Nearest 1000 stars to our Sun
• Our local group of galaxies
• An unlimited number of fictional scenarios

Tinker with your creation or sit back and watch the effects of gravity unfold. It's fun, accessible, and easy to use.

Leider nur für Windows, ich kann's also selbst nicht antesten. Hmpf.

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