Party-Dance-Flashmobs im Star Wars Galaxies-MMORPG

(Machinima Direktdance, via)

Ich hätte ja nicht gedacht, dass ich nochmal tanzende Rancors zu sehen kriege, aber: Javier veranstaltet Cantina Crawls in Star Wars Galaxies, man verabredet sich zu einer bestimmten Zeit in einer bestimmten Cantina und lässt dann dort die Kuh fliegen. Jetzt muss man für Flashmobs nichtmal mehr vor die Tür. Coooool...

The cantina crawls are a series of events that are open to everyone from every server. We gather in a particular cantina at a particular time, get all dressed up, and then 'crawl' from location to location and party hard. Although most of the people who attend are entertainers, we welcome folks from all walks of life to an evening of music, merriment, flirting, fashion and fun.

What does this mean? It means a BUNCH of fun people getting together.. and systematically invading cantinas across Bria. Musicians and Dancers galore, doing what entertainers were designed to do: entertain!