Portisheads „Third“ Remixed

Ein paar Typen haben das dritte Albums von Portishead vollständig remixed und da sind wirklich ein paar Killertracks dabei. Dass man sich dort scheinbar allen Ernstes fragt, ob das Ergebnis „better than the Original“ sei, war für mich beinahe Anlass genug, das ganze nicht zu posten. Aber was solls.

It began as one critically acclaimed remix of “Machine Gun” that was begging for more drums and snowballed into an all out reinterpretation of Portishead’s minimal masterpiece. Most are by NFC but we enlisted a couple of other producers, namely Flufftronix, 12th Planet, ASiH and A. Black, to round out the album. A few tracks were left in a somewhat recognizable state but most were torn to shreds and reassembled into an almost unrecognizable form. The individual tracks cover a broad range of styles from house to electro to minimal to maximal that all came together to make one hell of an album.

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