MacGyver, Problem-Solver

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MacGyver ist zwar mit den Jahren immer fauler geworden, früher hat er aber noch echte Wunder vollbracht, mit einer Blechdose und zwei Plastiktüten, die er mit einem Faden um einen Baum gebunden hat. Dann hat er aus Streichhölzern ein Mini-Fahrrad gebastelt, hat sich draufgesetzt und ist dreimal um den Baum gefahren. Dann ist das Streichholz-Fahrrad kaputtgegangen und MacGyver hat sich am Kopf gekratzt.

List of problems solved by MacGyver.

To save a woman trapped under a pipe, MacGyver wraps a rope around the bottom of it, attaches both fixed ends to the roof of a building, and places a stick in between both parts of the rope. By twisting the stick, he is given a mechanical advantage and is able to slowly lift the pipe up.

As a way to hold off killer ants for awhile, MacGyver makes a flamethrower out of a hose, pipe, and tank of gasoline. He also uses some "kitchen ingredients" as a fuel-thickener to prevent the contraption from simply exploding.

MacGyver and Trumbo make a nitromannite bomb by taking the nitrate from fertilizer and cellulose by mashing plant bark. The ingredients are mixed together, stirred with a drip or two of acid, then placed in a small paint can. MacGyver must walk through the ants to plant the bomb, and so makes a "suit of armor". Though it isn't stated what the material he is wearing, it is likely a thick layer of rubber from the plantation applied to cloth. He then blows up the dam, flooding the area and killing a large ant infestation, which saves Trumbo’s plantation.

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