Camille Utterbacks „Liquid Time“ – Zeitversetzte Video-Dimensionen

(Youtube Direktliquidtime)

In Camille Utterbacks „Liquid Time“-Installation reagiert der gezeigte Film auf die Position und die Bewegung des Betrachters, zeigt entsprechende zeitversetzte Bilder und fügt dem Video so eine Raumzeit-Dimension hinzu.

The Liquid Time Series explores how the concept of 'point of view' is predicated on embodied existence. Initially, the piece was an attempt to create an interactive installation where users' physical positions in the gallery (tracked by an overhead camera) controlled different 'perspectives' in a collage-like projection. The result of this exploration, however, is a series of pieces in which imagery of time, as well as space, is disrupted by users' motions.

In the Liquid Time Series installation, a participant's physical motion in the installation space fragments time in a pre-recorded video clip. As the participant moves closer to the projection screen they push deeper into time—but only in the area of the screen directly in front of them. Beautiful and startling disruptions are created as people move through the installation space.

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