Sex and Dating in The Star Wars Universe

30.06.2008 #Sex #StarWars

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There are many questions that crop up when thinking about the vast Star Wars universe. How does Jabba the Hutt go to the bathroom, for example. Does he have to give a half hours notice to the staff and slither slowly to the water closet? How do we overlook that Princess Leia gave her BROTHER Luke a full-on frenchified kiss in Empire Strikes Back? That was not right. Why did the Stormtroopers wear cumbersome suits of armor at all times? Didn't this limit their mobility in a fight? And the armor didn't seem to protect them at all from laser blasts. Wherever they were hit, they went down anyway. Seems a wee bit counter productive to me. Like the British soldiers in the Revolutionary War wearing bright red jackets so the rag-tag American militias could shoot them easier. "You believe this Willy? Them Brits are wearing red and marching in a straight line. Fish in a barrel! Shoot 'em! Shoot 'em!"