„Pirates Dilemma“ als Video-Zusammenfassung

Matt Mason, Autor von „Pirates Dilemma“ (vorher auf Nerdcore: Vortrag von Mason, das Buch als PDF) hat die Kernaussagen des Buchs in einem Video zusammengefasst, an dem auch Jesse Alexander, Executive Producer von „Heroes“, beteiligt war.

Since Pirate’s launched I’ve been talking to a few people about doing something on TV or on screen with the book. A few months back Mark Kotlinski and John Carluccio from Current TV did a piece on it, and I really hit it off with them. A while later I had the good fortune to meet Jesse Alexander out in LA, the Executive Producer of Heroes, who also had some amazing ideas for it. So John, Mark, Jesse and I got together to produce the short piece above, just for kicks, just to see how it might work.