NINs Gratis-Album Download-Statistik in Google Earth

NINs letztes Album „The Slip“ gab es für lau zum Download (vorher bei Nerdcore), jetzt haben sie die Download-Zahlen geographisch aufgesplittet veröffentlicht... als Google-Earth-Datei. Den Rekord der am meisten runtergeladenen Alben halten übrigens die Fiji Inseln.

Our computer wizards presented some data to us in an interesting way and we thought we'd share it with you. CLICK HERE to download a Google Earth KML file representing downloads of our latest record The Slip according to geographic region. We've had just over 1,400,000 people download The Slip from our site since its release May 5th (that number represents individual people, and excludes multiple downloads from the same order), and this map displays ONLY downloads that came directly from us.

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