Legales Filesharing in England bis zum Ende des Jahres?

Ausgerechnet England, die ebenfalls über Internet-Sperren für Filehsharer nachdenken (oder bereits umgesetzt haben? Ich bin mir da grade nicht sicher), wird wohl nach Südkorea das zweite Land weltweit mit einer Musik-Flatrate werden. Nachdem die englische Regierung sowohl die Musik-Industrie als auch die ISPs unter Druck gesetzt hatte, haben die zwei sich tatsächlich an einen Tisch gesetzt und verhandeln über die Rahmenbedingungen für legales Filesharing.

Legal broadband subscription services that permit file sharing may appear on the market by the year's end, according to music industry sources - after government intervention brought both music suppliers and ISPs to the table.

The UK would become the second country after South Korea where the music business has agreed to offer licenses to file sharing services in a bid to reverse declining revenues.


No deals have been signed yet and significant details have yet to be addressed. These include the royalty share between mechanical, sound recording and publishing rights holders, and administration issues. A significant amount of music released has never been licensed digitally - so should a music service provider ignore it, or attempt to pay the owners? As for price, this will be determined by the ISPs. However, sources are confident that Q4 2008 or Q1 2009 will see such the first of these offered to the public.

The move would represent the most radical supply-side reform ever considered by the music business in the modern era.

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