Topspin – Online-Tool for doing a Radiohead


Jetzt wird's interessant. Wenn Ian Rogers, der mit den Beastie Boys tourte und dafür sein Studium hinwarf, der betreute und Yahoo! Music mit aufbaute, um Subscribtion Services schließlich den Rücken zu kehren, wozu er folgenden nur zu wahren Absatz schrieb:

Want radio? No problem. Click play, get radio. Want video? Awesome. Click play, get video. Want a track on-demand? Oh have we got a deal for you! If you’re on Windows XP or Vista, and you’re in North America, just download this 20MB application, go through these seven install screens, reboot your computer, go through these five setup screens, these six credit card screens, give us $160 dollars and POW! Now you can hear that song you wanted to hear…if you’re still with us. (Link)

Wenn dieser Ian Rogers nun also ein Music-Technology/Marketing-Startup gründet, das unter anderem am Release von Nine Inch Nails „Ghosts“ beteiligt war, dann könnte das einiges auf den Kopf stellen im Music-Business. Topspin stellt Künstlern eine Technologie-Plattform zur Verfügung, mit der sie selbst Musik veröffentlichen können, zu variablen Konditionen. Doing a Radiohead eben.

The Dandy Warhols recently left Capitol Records after a string of masterpieces, none of which sold to the label’s liking but all of which achieved cult status. For their new record they decided to reward their biggest fans first by offering a subscription package including: the new album months before it hits stores, a silkscreened poster and the physical CD in your home mailbox, and every b-side as its released in your email box for $35. The record is fantastic and you can preview the whole thing on their site for free. Try, buy, enjoy.

Since much of the value Topspin adds is in the artist control panel which is behind the scenes, these three examples show only the very tip of the proverbial Topspin iceberg. The visual design for each of these is done by the artist, Topspin is the enabling platform underneath. And what you can’t see, the back office where the artist manages pricing, catalog, metadata, fans, and most importantly marketing campaigns and analytics, is our bread and butter.

Just to show you Topspin can scale to large consumer demand, I’ll give away a little secret: we pitched in and offered up our content delivery network to Nine Inch Nails for the Ghosts release and the first few weeks of The Slip. While we had nothing to do with the front-end of those (incredible, inspiring, historic) promotions, we stepped in to help after their first couple of days of downtime and subsequently when you downloaded the albums they were coming from our servers and we moved hundreds of terabytes of data for them. It was an honor to be involved, even tangentially.