Your nose hairs scare me.

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Sir, what exquisite breasts you have! The glow of your teeth exudes the courage of raw liver. I would gladly eat chamberpots of your sickled beans and thalassemic rice. Hermaphrodites around the galaxy desire that you turn your rock and crochet bowl to its loudest setting. Your unexpected explosion entangles us in a web of premature umbrellas and precocious timepieces. You are truly a wristwatch in a world of lumps.

The Surrealist Compliment Generator. (via)

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100 Jahre Dada: Hugo Balls dadaistisches Manifest

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The Classy, Random Bond Villian Name Generator! The Official, Great Fallout 4 Name Generator! The Unbelievable, Weird Star Wars Name Generator!

Who cares about Name Generators. Here's „The Classy, Official Name Generator Name Generator“.

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Unicode Pseudo-Alphabet Converter

Unicode Text Converter: „Convert plain text (letters, sometimes numbers, sometimes punctuation) to obscure characters from Unicode [and into a pseudo-alphabet,…


Podcasts: 100 Jahre Dada, Multiman, Typomaniacs, Paul Temple und die politische Klimakatastrophe

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2015 Prediction Bot

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Star Wars Bullshit-Generator

„Now you, too, can spread dubious rumors about Episode VII! Click 'Generate' to spawn more baseless speculation.“

New Age Bullshit Generator

„We are being called to explore the multiverse itself as an interface between self-actualization and non-locality. Soon there will be…

NSA-Leak Generator

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Einfach mal Dampf ablassen: CHECK YOUR THIN PRIVILEGE, YOU LITTLE PERSON-SEXUALIZING, MALE-PRIVILEGED PATRIARCHIST!!! you binary-privileged classist!!!!!! stop fucking objectifying PoC-aligned…

Ugly Password Generator

Falls wer ein neues Snapchat-Passwort braucht (weil): „This website will create for you a password that is not only secure*,…

HTML5-Glitch Text Generator

Ein Generator für UTF-geglitchten Text. Ich steh' auf diesen Scheiß, auch wenn ich Glitchkram derzeit nicht mehr so wirklich sehen…