Copyright, drop dead

Prof. Faulhaber von der University of Philadelphia ist Wirtschaftswissenschaftler und es muss schon sehr viel passieren, wenn ich sage: scheinbar habe ich mit Wirtschaftsfuzzis mehr gemein, als mir lieb ist. Sowas würde ich nämlich nur dann sagen, wenn so einer behauptete, das Urheberrecht wäre tot. Und das würden die niemals tun... oder?

“Copyright is a very big issue in the legal world today, but in the business world, when you talk to consumers about protecting copyrights, it’s a dead issue,” he said. “It’s gone. If you have a business model based on copyright, forget it.”

“The music industry is yet to figure this out,” he said. “The current iTunes model is probably the best they can do. In both movies and music this is likely to result in substantially lower revenue for content owners.” The movie studios will have an even tougher time than the music companies, according to Faulhaber, because some of the monetization models that can work for music–such as advertising–probably won’t work for full-length movies.

“Content providers will have to hook up with the conduit guys,” Faulhaber said. “They’re the only ones in a position to monetize content online because they can control its distribution.”

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