Flash Gordon Megaposts

Bei Datajunkie gibt es die völlige Flash Gordon-Überdosis mit alten Filmplakaten und Hörspielen und Comics und Büchern und Laserpistolen (Pew, Pew!) und ganz viel Aaaaaaaw!

Flash Gordon at it's most typical embodied what I can only call "The Art Deco Space Opera Continuum". This can also be seen on the covers of a LOT of SF pulps, like the covers to those "Thrills Inc." issues. Flash was however, the trendsetter to be sure. It is a streamlined future, it's design implying the promise of forward motion... this is a world, a culture that is going somewhere. Now all the cars all look like electric shavers. Sheesh. But let's not get started on the "Where's my flying car?" thing. We'll get to that soon enough.

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