Disneys „Mars & Beyond“ von 1957 kompletto auf Youtube

Am 4. Dezember 1957 zeigte Disneyland TV die Show „Mars and Beyond“, eine 53minütige Sendung über die Geschichte und die Zukunft des Mars und seinen Einfluss auf Popkultur. Das Ding ist in sechs Teilen kompletto auf Youtube, Retrofuturismus und Aliens als Disneyfilm... ich mag keine Disneyfilme, aber das hier mag ich. Weil sie keine bescheuerten Lieder singen. Der letzte Teil ist pure Rocket-Science! Hach...

Rare Walt Disney Space series from 1957, speculating about Mars. Remember, almost 50 years ago, only Sputnik had gone up 2 months earlier!

1: Man & the Sky
Walt does the intro to the 6 part program, leading into talk about Man's history of looking up into the sky.

2: Mars in Pop Culture
Mars as seen in the news and entertainment of the times.

3: History of Life on Earth/Solar System
How life on Earth evolved & how it might relate to how it would evolve on the other planets. Similar to the prehistoric episode in Fantasia, yet goes beyond it, to space!

4: Mars from Earth
The history of Mar's observations from Earth, with all the mixups and false leads! The '50s scientist is a gas, knowing what we now know.

5: Life on Mars
I remembered this favorite part from when I was a kid and in the '90s on a midnight show of 'Disney Presents'. Some of the stuff is so eerie & non-Disneyish!

6: Travel to Mars
Werner von Braun worked with Walt Disney to produce this section about how we might get to Mars. This was actually sent to President Eisenhower & was the current thinking at the time, which became so scaled down to what we did to get to the moon!