Pearl Jam Gets It, Expands Bootlegs for Mobile

From its early days hazing Ticketmaster to its recent efforts to out AT&T's wrongheaded censorship, Pearl Jam has just understood the business of music better than almost any band on Earth. While other artists have wasted their time (and free advertising) trying to shut down bootlegging and downloading, Pearl Jam has openly embraced and encouraged both, and still reaped mad paydays in the process.

Now the rock legend is expanding its immensely popular bootleg program to the increasingly popular mobile platform, and teaming up with Verizon to make it happen.

In preparation for their 2008 summer tour, Pearl Jam is offering three ways for fans to get their hot hands on bootlegs. High-quality digital downloads and burnt-to-order CDs of individual live sets will become available following each show date at Pearl Jam's storied fan collective Ten Club. As for the mobile option, bootlegs of three live tracks per show will be released following each show on Verizon's V CAST phones and through a Jam-branded Verizon site.