Draco Alatus; severed dragon head

10.06.2008 #Art #Fantasy

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14th century Mongolia saw the death of the presumed last remaining male “Draco Alatus” or winged dragon. With a dwindling matriarchal society with no males, this species would be one of many to face extinction at the hands of man. Hunted for nothing more than fear, Draco alatus, along with its wingless cousin were the only other surviving saurischia post the KT extinction, 65 million years ago. Carrying the membrane winged attributes of the pterasaur with a theropod hipped pelvis, Draco Alatus survived in remote far eastern areas seemingly unaffected by the mass extinction. Along with the dinosaurs which would eventually evolve into birds, Draco Alatus thrived in the 65 million years before man could become the force it is today.