Doku über Computer-Geschichte (5): The World at Your Fingertips

(Viddler Direktfingertips)

(Teil 1: The Machine that changed the World, Teil 2: Inventing the Future, Teil 3: The Paperback Computer, Teil 4: The Thinking Machine, Teil 5: The World at Your Fingertips)

Here's the fifth and final episode of The Machine That Changed the World, this one focusing on global information networks including the Internet, and the communication benefits and privacy risks they create. This is the most familiar material of the documentary, so I'm going to skip the notes and annotations this time. I hope you enjoyed the documentary as much as I did.

And, as promised, here's the BitTorrent file for high-resolution copies of all five videos. It's a 3.1GB download with five H.264 encoded MP4 files.