Weezer's Memetastic Video Director Spills the 'Pork and Beans'

Wired.com talked to video director Mathew Cullen, co-founder of studio Motion Theory, who spilled the beans on making "Pork and Beans," embracing your inner geek and discovering what Chocolate Rain crooner Tay Zonday is like when the cameras aren't rolling.

Wired: OK, 'fess up. Who's the bigger geek -- Motion Theory or Weezer? I'm wondering whose idea it was to use web celebs for this ultimate geek anthem.
Cullen: Well, we'd been wanting to work with Weezer since their last album ... and five weeks ago Weezer sent us this song, and we immediately got the idea. ["Pork and Beans"] is this amazing song about being happy with who you are. That's exactly where it came from. There's never been a time like now, thanks to YouTube, where people can put themselves out there. So I embraced that concept.