Fake-Vintage-Werewolf-Kiste mit Lykanthropen-Fötus

Das neue Fake-Vintage-Dings von Alex CF ist eine Kiste mit Aufzeichnungen einer Werewolf-Jagd am Anfang des 19. Jahrhunderts.

july, 1812 - An english gentleman and his wife are traveling through eastern Europe, visiting relatives and stopping off at various tourist spots. They check in at a local inn for the evening, and the gentleman steps out to find some food and drink. on his return, he finds his beloved dead, mutilated and half eaten. The perpetrator has entered and left through the open window, and there is little evidence apart from the terrible claw and teeth marks in the flesh of the dead women. Beside himself with grief, the gentleman vows to hunt down and kill the thing that committed this awful crime.


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