Das verlassene Space-Ship-Hotel aus Nord Korea

26.05.2008 Misc #Abandoned

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Dieses verlassene, zerfallende Hotel aus Nord-Korea erinnert mich an ein Raumschiff, ready for Takeoff. Nur: so ohne Fenster dürfte es schwierig werden, da draußen...

Three thousand rooms and seven revolving restaurants were planned for this massive concrete structure which has been dubbed 'The Worst Building in the History of Mankind' as a result of its failure to ever open for business. Construction was deadlocked in the 1990's so the outer structure is complete but it's an unsound building that doesn't have any windows or interior to speak of. At 105 stories, it would've once been the tallest hotel in the world and is certainly the tallest abandoned hotel standing today.

Link zu einem Video („Ghostscraper“, auch geil)
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