User Generated Street Art - The Bubble Project

Das Bubble Project ist schon alt, ich weiß. Neu ist nur das Video mit einem Interview mit Ji Lee, dem Initiator der Aktion. Sprechblasen werden auf Plakate und Werbung geklebt, die Message erledigen die Leute auf der Straße.

The project was conceived by an artist and art director Ji Lee who originally printed 15,000 stickers that look like speech bubbles used in comic strips. He posts these blank speech bubbles on top of advertisements throughout New York City allowing anyone who sees them to write in their comments and thoughts. By filling in the bubbles people engage in the project and transform “the corporate monologue into an open dialogue”. After time passes, the comments are photographed and posted on the project’s website. (Wikipedia)

Video nach dem Klick.

(Current Direktbubble, via)