NextGen-Virtual Reality

Dieses Konzept von Frog-Design ist eine Maske, die jegliche äußeren Reize mit einem virtuellen Layer überdeckt. Eine Next-Gen-Virtual-Reality-Brille, quasi. Genau richtig, wenn einem die Handyplärrerei grade mal wieder so richtig auf den Sack geht.

The device itself acts as a mask between the user and the outside world, expressing the internality of the human-device interaction. It offers a physical distinction between those moving in the real world and those who are “plugged in” to their private dimensions, the world as they wish to see it.

The visual design casts the mask as a lifestyle product of the future, as it plays with a glaring, exaggerated coolness of the wearer. It gives an almost robotic appearance, and suggests a diversion from what we define today as “normal” physical human interaction.

Within the mask, smells, sounds, even air quality would be imitated to create a full sensory experience. The facial expressions of those wearing the device would be detected and projected onto personal avatars visible to others also living behind the shield of the mask.

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