The Italian Spiderman kommt am 22. Mai als Webisode-Film

(Youtube Direktspiderman, via)

Dass der Italian Spiderman „nur“ ein gut gemachter Fake-70s-Trash-Trailer war, war ja vorher schon klar. Jetzt gibt's einen neuen und die Ankündigung eines kompletten Films, der als Web-Episoden-Dings auf Youtube, Myspace und Yahoo erscheinen soll. The Return Of The Italian Supertrash-Movies! Da kann ich mir schlimmeres vorstellen. Zitat inklusive falscher Doppel-, Dreifach- und Vierfach-Ausrufezeichen:

Attention Italian Spiderlovers!!!! The wait has ended! Part one of the full Italian Spiderman movie will hit the net MAY 22!!! The full movie will be posted in weekly installments, beginning MAY 22 on Youtube, Myspace and Yahoo, so slip on your excitement gloves!

Auf der Myspace-Seite der Fake-Produktionsfirma Alrugo gibt es noch die Fake-Entstehungsgeschichte des Fake-70s-Trash-Spideys, Must-Read!

In 1964 Alrugo went into production of Gatti's Opus, Italian Spiderman. Spiderman was a heavily adapted and abridged interpretation of a novel Gatti had read during a summer in Moldova entitled 'Death Wears a Hat'. When applying for the option, however the Author felt Italian Spiderman held such little resemblance to his work that payment was not necessary and felt that his name should be distanced as far a s possible form the production. After three years of turbulent production and about 15 million dollars later (a sum unheard of for any production of the time) Italian Spiderman was finally completed in 1968.

Even though Alrugo had survived the epic production period, a venture that Gatti described as "Opening the gates of hell"* the company was in debt. There was no money left to distribute the picture, Alfonso pulled every last favour he had during the production process. In a desperate attempt to show Italian Spiderman to the world, Alfonso sent the only existing print across the atlantic on a cargo ship to a distributer friend of his in New York, the ship however, never reached it's destination. in the summer of 1969, Alfonso Alrugo closed the gates to Alrugo Entertainment and donned his orange picking glove once more. Gianfranco Gatti went on to direct hard core pornography and Franco Francheti died in a spear fishing accident.

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