Top 5 Non-Violent Things You Can Do in Grand Theft Auto IV

04.05.2008 Games #GTA

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For more than a decade, the Grand Theft Auto gaming series has been a lightning rod for controversy. But really, what else can you expect from a game that so shamelessly flaunts social mores? This is, after all, a video game where carjacking and murder aren’t merely a means to finishing missions and beating the game—you can get your kicks in with GTA’s massive extracurricular sandbox worlds, too. But there’s always been more ways to spend your gangsterific time than running from the police and beating up strangers. After hours upon hours testing the just-released Grand Theft Auto IV, we realized there’s actually so much fun in Liberty City that is—dare we say—wholesome that we opted to breakdown the positive pastimes of the badass game rather than review it. Leave that to the crooks.