Die verlassenen, verfluchten UFO-Häuser von Taiwan

Ich bin mir sehr sicher, die Dinger schonmal hier gepostet zu haben, finde sie aber nicht, deshalb... Die verlassenen UFO-Häuser aus Sanjhih in Taiwan wären ja schon so cool genug, weil zerfallende Future-Häuser gehen ja immer. Wenn's in denen dann aber auch noch spukt, dann dreh ich hier völlig am Rad: verlassene, verfluchte UFO-Häuser... gebaut von Mutants from Outer Space, oder so.

They were trying to create a posh luxurious vacation spot for the affluent and rich streaming out of Taipei. Now this is where things get weird. The local papers say there were numerous accidents during its construction, and as news spread to the urbanites of the island state, nobody wanted to vacation there, much less visit. Locals say the area is now haunted by those who died in vain and because they are not remembered, they linger there unable to pass on.

This explains why the area was abandoned. If the site is haunted, no amount of redevelopment is going to bring the masses to that spot. Even demolishing it is out of the question because destroying the homes of spirits and lost souls is a HUGE no-no in Asian culture. (Tranism, via)

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