Weezer Red

Aaaaah, das neue Weezer-Album kommt näher... und es ist rot!

3. The Album's theme (color). This has been reported as "The Red Album." This is a strong possibility but it is not for sure. As I understand things, many competing visual ideas are being played off against each other (none of which would affect the self titled aspect), and some are "Red" in style or concept. But whether this ends up as the final theme remains to be seen.

4. First single. Confirmed as being "Pork And Beans". Could this change? Maybe a tiny chance of that. But it is definitely a song on the album (and it is unrelated to the demo song "Pig" that made it onto the internet in '06). As for the release date of this single, this information is TBD, likewise the potential (if any) for "physical" single format(s).

5. Other songs on the album. Many song titles have been kicked around the 'net, including "Everybody Get Dangerous", "Automatic", "Ms. Sweeney", "?" (a '12 letter word starting with T and ending with R'), "I'm the Greatest Man That Ever Lived", "Daydreamer". All are real weezer songs, but none are 100% confirmed as actually being on the album as of this writing.

6. Producer/Mixer. The album was made in 3 phases, produced by Rick Rubin (Malibu, spring '07), Weezer (mostly) (Malibu, summer/fall '07), and Jacknife Lee and Weezer (Santa Monica, early '08), and was mixed by Rich Costey.