Londons Liverpool Station gets rickroll'd by a Rickmob

(Youtube Direkrickroll, via)

An der Konstablerwache steht immer ein Grüppchen Christen und singt was vom Seelenheil. Wenn sie Rick Astley covern würden, so wie diese schätzungsweise 1000 Londoner beim ersten Rickmob überhaupt, dann hätten sie meine Aufmerksamkeit sicher...

On Friday 11th April, at precisely 6pm London got Rickrolled! The whole of Liverpool Street station turned into the site for the world's first ever Rickmob - a Rick Astley inspired flashmob.

(or rickmob = flash mob + rickroll)

Rick Astley flash mob heaven!

Earlier in the day - excited about the event - we went and recorded this new remix of Astley's 80s classic "Never Gonna Give You Up" in the very same studio where the original was produced 20 years earlier!

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