Dopepose: HipHop-Posing

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Noch viel lächerlicher als die Musik an sich ist beim Hip Hop ja wohl mal dieses unsägliche rumgepose, die verknoteten Finger, das Dicker-Hose-Machen. Na jut, Rocker stehen dem jetzt auch in nix nach mit ihren Stretchjeans und dem Zeigefinger-Kleinerfinger-Dingsbums, aber die Gangsta sind dann doch nochmal eine Spur blöder. Aber lustig anzuschauen, allemal.

There are different types of posing: (you can choose one of these examples)

  • “Bad Boy”: the face makes the look. push your bottom lip forward. bend your brows. (Tim Dog)

  • “Gangster” : cars, money, nacked women and guns are very important. (NWA)
  • “Vaughn Bode” : bend your body backwards, it makes you look more gum. (Cheech Wizzard)
  • “Outta Space” : send laser blasts with your hands. (Flash Gordon)
  • “Think about it” : direct your forfinger meditative to your head. (Def Jeff)

  • “Bodybuilder” : forget it, if you dont train your body at least once a week. (LL.CoolJ)
  • “Holy” : in view of the sky below, fold your hands in front of your chest. (Afrika Bambaataa)
  • “Adidas” : Pose your feet in the right position (make the three stripes seenable.) (Run DMC)
  • “Pointer” : Your finger points at something. (good for graffiti writers to point on their piece)

  • “Freeezer” : You stop to dance and freeze to please… (Crazy Legs)

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